Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arrived and Alive!

To the amusement of my awesome fellow trainees, I've been journaling on my computer like crazy. Just let me edit it and it'll be up here in a day or three for your viewing pleasure.  Time is becoming short with classes from 8-6 daily!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the countdown begin

Only a few days until we start driving to Denver.  A week until I fly to Philly. 10 days until I leave the country.  Woah.

I've pretty much finished unpacking and arranging my room.  Found all of my books (so many books!), unpacked my tiny DVD collection onto a closet shelf, hung up some clothing and sealed more into boxes to be stored in the garage.  Did a trail packing of my bags, ended up with a hiking backpack (about 40-45 lbs), a small soft sided bag to check (carry-on sized, about 15 lbs), and a rolling carry-on (didn't weigh).  I might redistribute the weight a little, and I need to re-pack a few items that I took out to wear in the meantime, but in general I'm pretty much ready to go.  Now I'm trying to move my bookmarks from Bertha the slow laptop to the new Weebot (yes, my computers have names :p) and make sure that I have any other last items that I want to take.  I've kind of given up on Rosetta Stone, but have been going through my old French books making lists of vocab, verbs, and grammar that I think I'll use (i.e - probably don't need to be able to talk about buying a fur coat, but should know how to ask for directions).