Saturday, November 20, 2010

Having To Change LCFs Is Sad

12 November – Romongo, 9:30pm

Today was our last day with Pierre and Amadee, our two wonderful LCFs. I'm truly sad that they have to rotate out of the village since we've all come to love and depend on them so much. They're like a cross between the coolest teacher you ever had, your hip father, and your awesome big brother – they teach us, they take care of us, and they make us laugh and laugh with us. We had some watermelons with lunch to celebrate, courtesy of Justin and Audrey who came to visit for the TDA. We took a group photo and generally goofed around, repeating our favorite “Pierre English Phrases” like “Personal Sleepy Time” and “Small Red Beans.” They don't actually have much meaning, we just love when he speaks English, and laughing with him has helped us to understand why our families love to repeat what we've said while laughing – it's not laughing at our attempts in a mean way, more in an amused and happy that we're trying way.

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