Saturday, December 11, 2010

"The Dante Club"

1 December – Romongo 8:17pm

Another day of classes, mostly language and “personal study time” since we were in Romongo. I finished The Dante Club, the one I rescued from the termites. Set in post-Civil War Boston, it follows a group of scholars and poets who are working on translating Dante's Divine Comedy (the true part of this historical fiction) when a rash of murders based on the book among the Boston upper class forces them to try and find the murderer. While I'm not convinced that it will make the top 10 list of books I've ever read, I very much enjoyed the story and learned a lot about the poets of the era and what was going on in 1800's Boston. It even made me want to search out The Divine Comedy, although I suspect it will be written in a significantly less engaging, older writing style compared to this modern murder-mystery that describes it.

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