Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Simple Life - I'm Going To Become A Crazy Cat Lady

28 December – Kossouka, 9:20pm

I'm listening to AFI – Sing The Sorrow. It reminds me of Kay, and high school, and of babysitting for my neighbors across the street where I felt mildly rebellious and guilty for listening to my devil rock music after the kids went to sleep while their stereo played the Christian radio station. Going from the incredible structure of stage to village life has been a shock even after demyst and feeling surprised at the slower pace of things. But that really seems to be what it's like au village. You wake up. You make breakfast. You might go do something at the CSPS. You go home to repose for 3 hours while the CSPS is closed. You go back out until the sun is going down at 6pm and then your evening is your own. Part of me wishes I could go take part in the nightlife I hear outside my courtyard, even if it's just my neighbors watching TV too loud, although I suspect a semi-public screening of something or other. Some nights there's music and I miss going out and dancing with my friends in Denver. There's a solid comfort in my new routine - I go home when it gets dark, make dinner, and sit and read and drink my tea. But it also feels very...old-ladyish. :p Just wait until I get my kitten!

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