Wednesday, August 15, 2012


July 17th

Finally found a free minute! Why did no one tell me how busy camp is? I caught the new transport (a modified minivan in surprisingly good condition) from my village at 6am to OHG, and we even picked up Alicia in Nongfaire! Sadly she got stuffed in the back while I was trapped in the front, so we had to exclaim over seeing a cow transported in a taxi moto once we got out. (Imagine a motorcycle with a small pickup truck flatbed welded to the back with two tires for stability, like a tricycle motorcycle. Now put a full grown cow in it) Yesterday I spent the morning helping Chris set things up, and then last night and all morning we've been corralling kids in and out of sessions. It's tiring, but it's going! Pretty well, all things considered – they seem to be having fun, we haven't lost anyone...seems like a good start to me!

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