Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moving to Tucson!

I've started considering this move to be a dry-run of what it's like to pack up, relocate, and learn to get around in a brand new place.  Granted, I won't be taking an entire household-full of stuff to Burkina, but I will get to move into a new house, quickly make it my own, and figure out how to get to places nearby to find things that I need.  Here this is facilitated by knowing the same language as most of the people (although my French is of little use here), owning a car, and by having access to Google Maps...

Ok, so maybe it's nothing like moving to Burkina.  At least I'll be getting used to it being boiling hot all of the time! It's not bad right now - it's 10pm and still above 85 degrees, but since the sun isn't shining it's quite pleasant.  Even during the day it was a dry heat - I think I'll be able to survive here in the desert.  The mountains are pretty and the landscape is beautiful in a very dramatic way.  I can see why people retire here. We get to move in on Wednesday, unpack for a week, drive back to Denver for a wedding, and then I leave! Busy busy busy.

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