Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh boy French class!

I knew that I didn't really remember how to use the past tense in French, but class today definitely made me fully aware of the extent of my issues.  Still, it was really nice to be listening to French and I almost found it easier than Rosetta Stone.  Language software is nice, but being able to ask for clarification or an explanation of a grammatical concept in English was so refreshing after struggling with vocabulary that is presented with lots of different pictures but still doesn't seem to have a clear translation.

I'm still a bit concerned that I'm not going to have my French up to the level they expect it to be at.  Part of it is finding time to sit and focus on French, and part is being motivated enough to spend any free time I might get on doing something that feels like work.  My parents are packing up my childhood home and moving out of state in a few weeks, so a lot of my time at home is spent packing, sorting boxes of books, getting estimates from moving companies, etc.  I might even pick up my last temp job again once I get back from the wedding in NY, leaving me with even less time to focus on French among the hustle of packing the house.  Still, I know the effort will pay off, so I'm still plugging away and hoping that it'll all work out for the best.

I'm still trying to figure out my schedule for the next 6 weeks before I leave.  I'm going to NY to see my dad, his family, and my college friends from the 3rd-13th, then flying home to help move from the 23rd-26th, and then after that I'll be down to about 2 weeks left.  My dad isn't in great health and I'd like to see him again before I leave, but I also don't want to spend my last time in the US only with him (and my mom's birthday is the day before I leave).  So do I fly back and forth across the country twice in a month?  Do I go see my dad and ask my mom and step-dad to come visit me there? I guess part of it depends on where the Peace Corps is willing to fly me from, since my current address on record (in Denver) will no longer be my address by the time I leave (if I fly from Denver I'll be staying with my neighbors).  Or should I fly out from Tuscan?  NY? And then, of course, do I make my dad's address in NY my home of record? Do I wait until my parents move and change it to theirs?  I know that moving is the right decision for them, but I do wish the house hadn't sold until after I left. :p

Anyway, enough complaining. Bring on the Rosetta Stone!

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