Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Home in Kossouka!

June 16th

Wow it's good to be back! I woke up in the middle of the night for a dust storm that kind of rained but not much, moved indoors into my terribly dirty house, and ignored my alarm and slept until 7am. I then spent all morning listening to podcasts and cleaning the house very very thoroughly. Kerry was right, Savage Lovecasts are perfect for doing chores around the house. I dusted and swept and wiped off almost everything, only the biggest pieces of furniture escaped being moved (but I did move and sweep under the canteens, the mattress leaning against my wall, the litpico, my water filter stand, and the water barrel). I know it won't stay clean for long, but for now I feel very accomplished. It threatened rain all day, even spitting once for a minute. Instead of going out and chancing getting caught in a downpour, I read and ate and chatted on the phone with friends. Bridget and Alicia are coming on Monday, Justin on Wednesday, and maybe Aicha on Monday? A nice busy start to the first week back!

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