Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Visitors, HP, Garden

June 19th

Bridget and Alicia came to visit Monday and left this morning. We didn't do much, just relaxed and ate and talked. We bought bread and made a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches for my staff, but they ended up not coming over even when I called people, so we ate all of them ourselves. We made a delicious dinner of taco lentils and barley (with even more of the Velveeta, dear god!) and watched an episode of Glee. I'd set them up outside in my bughut on top of the mattress – the stars were out even though it had threatened to rain all day – but an hour or so later we were dragging everything back inside as it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Still, they managed to get out of the village without too much issue this morning and since I haven't had them back knocking on my door I assume they made it home ok.

I then went on a Harry Potter binge! Did I mention that I finally collected all 7 books, having been trying to do so for the past 18 months? I finished the first book which I'd started before my visitors arrived, and then tore through 2 and 3 by the end of the repose, even taking a break to plant my tiny garden. Clearly not highbrow literature, but they sure are fun to re-read after so long. The rain last night flooded my yard, so I ended up putting everything in the only place it didn't flood, over by the curved wall between the gate and my hangar. I've got a lettuce blend, spinach, swiss chard, basil, cilantro, carrots, onions, tomatoes, wild flowers, and lavender, still trying to decide if I can find a way to grow the green beans, squashes, and melons without them taking over my yard or being drowned (all the other places for a spreading plant are either shaded or low-lying, but maybe I could get the beans to climb the hangar). That and a new moringa and I should be set! Trying to decide if I need to cover them, it probably wouldn't hurt to make a little fence or something to keep the lizards from snapping off the tops of the sprouts again, although I didn't have that problem last rainy season, it was only during the hot dry season this spring. Maybe I'll wait and see if I need it.

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