Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eww spider, Julienne and Nacoulma moving

February 23rd

Just as I was opening my computer to type for the evening I saw a giant spider on my wall, another scorpion carrier, 3 or 4 inches this time! They're so scary looking! I was so scared to get near it that I practically threw my shoe, but it was very dead and left a nice white smear of who knows what on my floor and dustpan. It was heading for my room and fell into the beam of my light, otherwise I might have been sleeping with it! I'm cleaning out behind the bookshelf this weekend, it has to be done. *shudder*

On a happier note, we did our last hygiene sensibilizations today! I sent a group to Ecole C without me (when I called the director he said that it went very well and he was very impressed), and I went to Ecole B with two ASCs. Sadly, the two that went with me didn't like to talk at all, in any language, so the director and I did the whole thing, and I think it went pretty well. The kids sounded like little birds, instead of saying “Moi! Moi!” (the typical way to get a teacher's attention if you want to answer a question), they would repeat “Oui! Oui!” or “Non! Non!” in chirping voices. It was odd, but cute.

Once we were finished I went back to the CSPS to help finish baby weighing, and then we helped pack up Julienne and send her off to (her new village whose name I don't remember). Nacoulma left as I was getting back, off to Bougan. I took a picture of the pickup truck, one very tall load that contained Julienne's entire house (minus two chairs and a giant woven basket that will be delivered on Saturday). It's just incredible to compare the amount of stuff between this move and the one I watched with my parents 15 months ago. One pickup truck vs. one semi-trailer. I'm going to miss Nacoulma's voice next door, Stephen and Fannie greeting me (her two kids). Fannie finally had starting talking to me, one day I even just left her and went inside because she wouldn't stop! I'm going to miss Julienne's laugh, and particularly Rex's enthusiastic welcome and escort home from getting water. Luddie (Julienne's little sister) is staying here to finish the school year, but I feel bad for her, she clearly was unhappy today.

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