Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Plans for Festima, well

February 27th

Today I slept in (all the way to 7:40), and ate leftover dirty rice with green beans and chickpeas for breakfast with my tea (yum!). I intended to talk to the directors of Ecole C and A today, but only got to C because Sali needed help – there were so many women for pre-natal consultations. As always it was a great conversation, I told him the new dates and he was super enthusiastic about the possibility of a well, so I'm hoping I'll hear from him soon and can talk to Aicha (our Volunteer Support Officer) more specifically about what we might need. As Kerry pointed out, I need to find a PCV who did a well project recently and figure out how it worked and what supplies they used. I'm really excited about the possibility of building a well at this school, mostly because it makes so much sense. The kids have just sat through our hygiene lessons about how important it is to wash your hands, so having water available and accessible just seems like the logical next step.

Going to Ouaga on Thursday so that I can get the Friday morning bus to Dedougou – I (along with many other volunteers) am going to Festima, the Mask Festival! Not too sure what a Mask Festival entails, but I'm excited to find out.

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