Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MP update, CPNs

March 16th

Moringa project is, what else, experiencing issues. All of my planned days for April, the ones that each director approved and has not informed me otherwise, will not work. Monday the director was gone for personal reasons. Thursday got changed to today, but today was surprise exams for the teachers, and next week is some kind of exam period for the students, and the week after that is vacation (why did no one tell me about spring break when I first came to them?!). Since I'll be gone most of May, that means we need to do all 7 sensibilizations for the 17 classes in one month. Most of them have stated a clear preference for Thursdays, but I try not to do them on marche days which gives 3 days a month. I guess if we did each school all at once (kind of hard with 500+ students at Ecole A) it would work. B is one day, maybe we can make that on a different day, D is normally a Monday or Tuesday, A seems to be ok with non-Thursdays (could we do a Wednesday/Thursday and do the whole thing in one go?). The biggest issue is that I have ASCs scheduled to work once a month, with at least a 2 week gap so they don't feel overburdened. If we cram this all in, it's going to be with people easily working two weeks in a row, or twice in a week. Well, we'll make it work, no use crying over the loss of a (very very) pretty schedule.

In our CPNs today we had a woman in her first trimester who weighed 39.6 kg – under 90 lbs. My staff was shocked when I informed them that a woman of her height (about average, maybe 5'5”) and weight would be hospitalized for malnutrition (well, anorexia). It's hard to tell with a lot of the women since everyone wears such baggy clothes, but her collar bones were very prominent and her face looked thin and much older than her age. They put her in the malnourished program, of course, but I honestly have no idea how someone with such little body fat was even having periods, let alone able to conceive successfully. I keep thinking I've seen it all...

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