Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sensibilization at Ecole A

February 3rd

The sensibilization today at Ecole A went so well! I was so so proud of my ASCs for being so through and engaging with the kids in a way I think would take me a lot of practice. The teachers decided to do all three classes at once, outside in a big square. I was a little concerned that 6 ASCs weren't going to have enough to talk about, but they took it in stride and 5 of the 6 did mini presentations on different aspects of hygiene. Then the teacher stood up and started talking about how they were going to start assigning students to clean the latrines and bring water so they could wash their hands. I was thrilled! Not sure if it'll actually happen, but at least the idea is there. Now I'm even more excited about doing malaria prevention next month.

All this will apparently be good practice for the science camp in September, where I've been assigned to organize the daily health sensibilizations on malaria, HIV/STIs, and hygiene – the three topics we're doing with the students in the next few months. I'm a little nervous but really excited to be in charge of something – I'm sure it'll be fun no matter what.

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