Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

July 24th

Today was a very calm and lazy Sunday. I turned over the soil in the garden and planted all my seeds. I baked banana-nut bread to take to my CSPS, but no one was there so I decided to save it and give it to them tomorrow. I talked with Sarata and her friend, who hung around for quite a while, playing with my hair and examining my bug bites. I forgot how much I like having my hair played with – short hair can be good for getting people to run their fingers through it, but long hair inspires playing. She tried to braid it, but told me I should grow it longer so it'll be easier – I said I'd think about it. They were fascinated by how white my scalp is, and how it got red if they pulled my hair to the side and then let it relax back into place. After they left I read, and drank tea, and took pictures, and made pesto macaroni, and talked to Emily for a bit. Overall, a very satisfying day.

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