Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Cleaning

July 17th

I intended to go into Kongussi today, but after talking to JK and realizing that some places would be closed on Sunday, combined with the fact that my laundry still wasn't dry when I went to bed...well, I decided to push back my adventure by a day. So I slept in a little (I've discovered the secret to sleeping better – earplugs and an eye mask!), took down my laundry as it dried (it was too cool and damp yesterday afternoon when I hung everything up), went over to check on getting a new bottle of gas and stayed for a bit to talk to the people at the restaurant, finally put away all of my clothing and wrapped the shelves in an extra sheet to stop them from getting dusty, swept the house, did my dishes, read a little, went back to the maison des jeunes to ask again about the gas, convinced someone to bring it to my house and hook it up for me, made tea and dinner, showered, yoga-ed, and now I'm sitting outside counting shooting stars (2 so far, plus a satellite). I always feel good when I end my day and feel like I got a lot done, even if it's just chores that I was putting off. Plus now I can cook again! It wasn't the cooking so much as the inability to heat up water for tea when I wanted to – sitting a metal dish in the sun only heats it to about lukewarm, and I missed my tea.

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