Tuesday, August 2, 2011


July 20th

Today I finally was out of oatmeal, so I went to 'Starbucks' (the coffee hangar behind my house that I've privately nicknamed) to buy bread. Everyone was surprisingly warm and welcoming, although I think it helped that there was only a handful of customers instead of the usual crowd. There's something to be said for getting up earlier now, and being forced to get dressed and out of the house quickly meant I had a luxurious amount of time to sit and drink my tea outside (English Breakfast). They welcomed me back, and as I expected, asked where I had been. I had considered trying to plan a response to this in Moore, but never got around to asking someone to help me with it. Thankfully I was saved by one of the friendlier older men who I've spoken to a few times (in French he almost understands and Moore I barely understand), who seemed to be explaining my reason for being away in the US accurately (I caught the handful of key words I would have been trying to use). I was really glad that word had gotten around since it helped me avoid having to say it again, and everyone was very sweet and didn't even ask me what I'd brought them (I don't know if they will ever know how grateful I am for that, but I am).

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