Thursday, May 10, 2012

France French is really fast

April 18th

Finished the mural, rescheduled Ecole C for May, started reminding people to show up on Friday for the sensibilization at Ecole A, helped distribute PAM and organize the paperwork – I'd say it was a very productive day indeed. Tomorrow I have a meeting at Ecole C about the well that we won't be digging, then the next big step is the fencing for Moringa Project - finding out where it is, how much there is, and who I need to pay to get it where it needs to go. I've decided that since the tree planting at each school has been so dramatically scaled back that I'll give the extra seeds to the APE (the parent's association) to distribute to each courtyard along with a quick lesson on why moringa is good, how you plant it, and what kind of protection it needs.

On a random note, I was helping Major with his computer today and found that he has Nikita in French. I thought it was funny since I've been watching it in English on my own computer. He put on an episode that I recognized, but even knowing what was going on I was still having a really hard time with the speed and accent, something that does not bode well for my trip to Paris in a month!

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