Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kerry Visit

April 27th

Kerry's here! Her trip to Ghana got delayed, so instead of staying in Ouaga she came to visit me for a few days. So far I can say her visit has been all about food, as in I've eaten more in the past two days that I usually consume in the better part of a week. We started out last night with a soup mix I had for a hearty black bean soup (thank you Erin!), quite delicious, with cornbread on the side (thank you Mom!). Between dinner and breakfast today we polished them both off, but then around 9:30 this morning we were sitting at home and hungry again, so we bought some bread as well. Then we greeted the CSPS staff, sat and talked for a bit, then went searching for eggs around 12:30. None to be found, but we bought a bag of rice and made salmon cakes from the can Chuck and T mailed for Easter. Not only were they delicious, but a lot of fun to make.

We sat out a terrible dust storm that we hoped would bring rain but only brought dust, listening to podcasts by Dan Savage and changing/cleaning my water filter. Around 5pm things had calmed down, so we went to Belem's to learn how to make benga. We picked through the beans, I got a few good photos of Mariam and Kalsoum, and we just sat and talked to Mariam and Belem about work, sensibilizations, teen pregnancy and what happens if a girl gets pregnant, and the meningitis campaign starting tomorrow (as we were informed at 7pm). Kerry and I talked about how to spin our work for interviews, books, language nuances. By the time dinner was cooked we were both pretty tired and looking for bed more than food, so when they offered us our food in separate containers to take home if we wanted, we went ahead and said goodnight and enjoyed our benga for breakfast instead.

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