Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heading to Gogo

March 29th

I remember when coming to Ouaga was an adventure to be prolonged for as long as possible, whereas now I really am content when it's more of a way-point instead of the destination. The benefit of Ouaga is that there's always friendly faces, and fast internet! Yesterday was a day for both, so today I bummed around the House all morning and then came with Amy to visit her village Gogo! Isn't that a great name for a village?

It was my first time at Gare Routiere, and I will hopefully never again experience such a chaotic travel hub, taxi brousses to everywhere, almost stacked one atop the other, very aggressive sellers trying to entice you to buy fruit, brochettes, tissues, gum, kola nuts, drinks, and more. We talked nearly the entire trip, probably to the annoyance of the other passengers but no one said anything and the little boy behind us seemed to take quite a liking to us when we would turn around and smile at him. The bus let us out near the marche, only a few minutes away from her house by bike. We greeted her CSPS staff, cleaned her house that had been uninhabited for 3 weeks, showered, and sat down to talk our way through some instant mashed potatoes and a bottle of wine (I know, we PCVs are the masters of haute cuisine)

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